Decisions, Decisions – Clean, Re-Upholster or Replace that Piece of Furniture?

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Decisions, Decisions – Clean, Re-Upholster or Replace that Piece of Furniture?

You are looking at your living room furniture and thinking to yourself something needs to change. Maybe it’s the color scheme or maybe it’s the chair with the ripped fabric from the 1920’s that has been passed down through the generations or maybe it’s the couch with the sagging cushions from the kids and pets jumping on it. Whatever the reason, it’s time to make that decision – do you clean it, re-upholster it or just replace it? Before that decision can be made, though, you should ask yourself a couple questions.

Does it mean something special to you?

Where did that particular piece of furniture come from? Was it a garage sale score or a family heirloom? What’s the history of that piece of furniture?

What is the condition of it?

Has it been in your living room or has it spent a good amount of time in a basement or garage? The dampness and lack of light in these two areas is a breeding ground for mold, which means there may be a musty smell that will be difficult to get rid of as it most likely will be in the wood as well as the fabric and cushions. Same holds true for furniture in smokers’ homes. And one other condition you need to be watchful for – bed bugs have been known to find their way into furniture that has been stored.

If the furniture piece means something special to you, and it passes the condition test, then your two options are clean or re-upholster it. Cleaning is the less expensive option, but there is no guarantee the furniture will be as clean as you might imagine as it really depends on the fabric fibers and chemicals used. But if you don’t like the fabric on there anyway and want to update the look, then let’s look at re-upholstering. Keep in mind, though, re-upholstering can cost about the same as replacing the piece depending on such factors as fabric choice and replacing or fixing anything from the wood frames to new cushions to springs.

So what should you do if that piece of furniture does not pass those two questions? The best decision in most cases is to replace. Have a question about a certain piece of furniture? Give us a call at Vitian’s Re-Upholstery – 317-870-3265.

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