‘Tis the Season for Reupholstery!

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August 3, 2016

‘Tis the Season for Reupholstery!

Yes, it’s still hot outside, but can you believe the start of the holiday season is really only a couple months away? Have you been telling yourself that this is the year your home will ooze holiday cheer and maybe even a furniture makeover?

Reupholstering a piece or an entire set of furniture will give your home an entirely new look that you and your guests will enjoy through the holidays and into the new year! Did I just say new year?? Yes, it will be here before you know it!

Looking for a fresh look? Let’s take a look at your old furniture. Do you have a favorite couch or chaise, but the fabric is outdated and worn? Reupholstering may be a better answer than replacing it. There are so many fabrics to choose from! We don’t recommend getting fabric with specific holiday themes on them (unless you have a holiday themed room all year long), but you could definitely throw in some holiday themed throw pillows to go along with your reupholstered furniture.

If you are thinking about a furniture make-over for the holiday season, don’t wait too long. A good upholstery job takes some time. Give us a call at Vitian’s Re-Upholstery, and let’s start planning your holiday make-over!

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