The Upholstery Process


From the moment we pick up your furniture from your home or office, we treat it like it is our own.

This is our process:

  • Furniture is processed and evaluated at our shop
  • Furniture is marked and assigned to an upholsterer
  • Furniture is stripped down to the frame for further evaluation
  • Any and all repairs are done at this time (such as repairing broken wood or springs)
  • Patterns are cut and sewn to fit each piece of furniture
  • Cushions are made
  • The piece is now ready for assembly
  • Minor modifications are made at this time, such as removing or adding pieces
  • All new fabric is re-attached to furniture
  • Decorative nail heads and finishing touches are added
  • Any showing wood is cleaned and polished
  • A final inspection is performed and any remaining touch-ups are completed